Not everything is awesome

I have a tendancy to use the word "awesome" too much. It's something which I think I need to try and control, but I don't have it as bad as recruiters in the tech industry.

To a recruiter or hiring manager, everyone they're looking for should be awesome. Or a rock-star, or ninja. The Financial Times has been looking at the way they recruit and in particular to the diversity of applicants that they see applying. What they found out isn't really a surprise.

It was pointed out that people who perhaps are nervous of their capabilities or their potential, might find it off-putting that we were potentially a boiler-house of pressure to constantly excel, which we’re not. As the first line of a page trying to sell jobs at the FT, it seems to prioritise performance above all else.

In fact, someone might be the very best engineer in the world, but I wouldn’t want to hire them if they have a lousy attitude to collaboration, a superiority complex or no interest in the product.

It's great that they've taken the feedback onboard and updated their job listings. It also looks like it's having the desired effect.