How a password changed my life

Seeing how these positive affirmations and reminders helped me to materialize my monthly goals kept me motivated and exited. I’ll admit this: It is difficult to come up with your next goal. Sometimes it’s hard to identify what we need to change, or where we need to walk towards to.

In its simplest form, a password enables you to get somewhere, in your digital world. Say, to copy a file, to unlock a computer, to email somebody. This feeling of micro achievements, this thought of ‘my mantra helps me to get things done’ can build up a momentum that motivates you to stay focused on achieving your monthly goals. It’s a tiny habit that transformed me.

An interesting idea. Using a password, something you enter many, many times a day, to re-affirm a habit. Habit tracking is something I've started researching recently on the back of an Android App I'm building to learn the platform. I'm not sure whether this method would work for me, but it's something I'm willing to try.